Protect Against Snow Runoff

Winter snowfall should be a concern to all homeowners. We all know that they are days when the temperatures reach above freezing and snow begins to melt. The foundation and basement of your home is not impervious to excess moisture. Small cracks have most likely developed in the foundation of your home over the years. […]

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Leaks can occur at any time. No home or business is safe from the potential damage that is associated with slow, missed leaks. As winter comes upon us, there is always the potential for increased water damage due to the cold weather and the rain and snow. Rather than assuming you can catch a potential […]

The Sonin Moisture Meter Is An Invaluable Construction Tool

Sonin moisture meters are invaluable tools when working with different types of lumber and construction materials. Sonin moisture meters measure the moisture levels of items such as firewood, furniture wood and wood flooring. Wood craftsmen, furniture makers, cabinetmakers and woodworkers all find a wood moisture meter an essential tool in woodworking. Excess moisture can make […]

Prompt Moisture Detection

The winter months may not be the time that you think about checking your home for moisture. With the intermittent snow, rain, or hail, moisture can still be a problem. Keeping your home dry will not only keep their value of your home up, it will also keep you much healthier. Making sure that your […]

Save Thousands Of Dollars In Leak Repairs With The Sonin Water Leak Detector

Sonin has pioneered the development and marketing of electronic distance measurement tools for the last 18 years. In the almost two decades we’ve been in business, we have engineered a full line of innovative tools, including construction calculators and moisture testing and sensing devices. We’re headquartered right in the beautiful state of North Carolina, where […]

Winter Water Leak Detection

The rainy season is over, so are your worries about household leaks by rain storms. Well, your water leak woes are not quite over yet. The winter months can be just as risky to the pipes in and around your home. Especially if your home has not been properly waterproofed. Snow melt on the outside […]

The Moisture Meter is a Simple Tool, Yet Mistakes can be Made When Utilizing One

The vast amount of calls made to the National Wood Flooring Association’s hotline have to do with questions concerning moisture related issues like cracking, shrinking and warping. It would make perfect sense that anybody who deals with hardwood flooring should carry a tool that can accurately measure the moisture content of the wood. The moisture meter is […]

Sonin Measuring Tools Will Make Most Any Job Easier and Faster

Technology is truly a wonderful thing most of the time. With automated measuring tools, like our Multi-Measure Combo PRO, you are able to achieve more accurate measurement readings in a shorter period of time. And you have the added benefit of measuring across extended distances. That old measuring tape you used in the past wasn’t very easy […]