You are all well aware of the damage a water leak can do to your home. But what you may not have considered is that water is the leading cause of property damage in commercial properties. If you are a business owner, we are going to give you several reasons you need to utilize a water leak detector at your office, studio or warehouse.

Water leaks can occur from any number of sources including water heaters, washers, refrigerators, sinks and toilets. There are also plenty of hidden pipes within your walls that can be the source of a damaging water leak. Slow, undetected leaks can cause major and expensive damage to framing and sub-flooring. A small leak can also escalate into a major intrusion of water if the leak is not detected soon enough. A catastrophic leak can flood electrical, mechanical and structural systems causing untold amounts of monetary damages. And just think about the tangible files, merchandise and other items stored in your place of business that would be irreversibly damaged in the event of a flood.

If there was a simple solution to preventing such a catastrophe for just a small amount of money, would you do it?

Water leak detectors are proactive systems that notify when there is a water leak. These devices can help prevent losses from slow leaks as well as the bigger and faster leaks. At Sonin, we offer four such devices all running under 25 bucks each. It certainly is a frugal way of ensuring your place of business is free from damaging water leaks.