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Moisture Test Meters

What are they used for and who uses them?

Sonin Moisture Test Meters are used to detect moisture percentages in wood and other building materials. Moisture test meters are used in a variety of industries and are an invaluable tool for  home inspectors, woodworkers, furniture makers, contractors, roofers, do-it-yourselfers, painters and homeowners to name a few.

Sonin Moisture Test Meters are used to locate water leaks and check for wet rot as well as detecting levels of moisture that may be present in drywall, plaster, carpet and more that when left undetected could lead to the formation of dangerous mold that may go unnoticed causing hazardous conditions in the home or workplace. Moisture conditions will vary between regions of the country whereby conditions for moisture are greater along coastal areas and the Southern U.S. and of course will be dryer in desert climates.

Sonin Moisture Test Meters are necessary to check surfaces before painting, wallpapering or staining. Applying paint or stain on moist surfaces could lead to the product failing and possibly causing damage to the surface of the wall or decking material. Flooring and tile installers will want to use them to see if the surface will accept adhesive and carpet cleaners and restorers will use them to ensure proper dryness.

Sonin Moisture Meters should always be used to test the moisture content in firewood before burning in woodstoves or fireplaces in order to avoid your wood from smoking which can be dangerous. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that sellers of wood stoves and forced air furnaces provide a moisture test meter so that only well-seasoned firewood is selected. Generally you want to see a reading of about 20% or less moisture content when selecting suitable firewood. Well-seasoned firewood will also burn more efficiently and not be wasted fuel.

Sonin makes several “pin type” Moisture Test Meters that can detect moisture in ranges of between 2-70% depending on the unit. These meters work by passing a current between the first pin and the second pin. The strength of the current indicates the amount of moisture in the material, as moisture acts as a conductor. Essentially, these meters measure the electrical resistance of the material which is then translated into moisture content on the devices analog or digital scale.

Models and uses.

Sonin makes both analog and digital models and a unit that uses a simple series of LED lights to output the reading.

Sonin Model # 50210 Moisture Test Tool. This is our lowest cost unit and features a 4 LED light system which helps alert users to possible moisture problems. By pressing the metal contact probes into hard or soft wood, drywall, carpet or plaster it will indicate how much moisture is present. The moisture range of this model is 14-20% and is powered by one 9V battery. This tool is especially valuable for any homeowner or do-it-yourselfer who is about to paint, wallpaper, stain their deck or put down carpet or tile. We designed this unit with the DIY’er and homeowner in mind, with an accessible retail price.

Sonin Model # 50211 Moisture Test Meter. This is our most popular model and features a 10 point dual analog scale indicating 10-28% moisture levels also indicating if the material’s moisture content is safe, requires attention or requires action. This unit features a 3 foot coiled cable for detecting moisture in difficult to reach locations. This is ideal for taking to the lumber yard or when shopping around for seasoned firewood. Ideal for testing decking and fencing material prior to building and staining. This model can be used on most other materials as well should be included in all homeowners tool boxes. This unit has proven itself invaluable time and time again. Powered by one 9V Battery.

Sonin Model # 50218 Digital Moisture Test Meter. This unit features a large easy to read LCD display and measures moisture content between 5-40%. This unit comes with a carrying case and is sought after by home inspectors, builders and contractors because it achieves a greater range and measures as low as 5% which for many inspectors and contractors is critical. This model can be used to test most building materials and is easily portable and is powered by one 9V battery.

Sonin Model # 50270 Digital Wood Moisture Meter. This unit is used for wood only and features a wood species selection function enabling the user to choose from a variety of common wood species for more accurate results. This unit is used for soft and hardwoods including some tropical species. The range of this meter is 2-70% which is ideal for many woodworkers, contractors, furniture makers and hobbyists who need to know that the wood they are selecting contains very low moisture content. This unit features a convenient “hold” button which freezes the reading on the LCD display and has an automatic temperature compensation function. This unit comes with a set of replacement pins and a carrying case. Powered by one 9V battery,

Sonin Model # 50215 4-in-1 Multi-Function Detector. This unit features 4 different functions including Moisture Testing, Stud, Voltage and Metal. This model will detect moisture between 8 – 22% and is ideal for locating and tracing water leaks to help prevent mildew, mold and wet rot. This model will also locate studs, beams and joists behind walls up to ¾ inch deep. It also features non-contact voltage detection to locate live AC wires behind walls up to 2 inches deep. This model will also detect metal studs, steel and copper pipes and frames behind walls up to 2 inches deep. This model really does it all and should be in everyone’s home or business.