Sonin has pioneered the development and marketing of electronic distance measurement tools for the last 18 years. In the almost two decades we’ve been in business, we have engineered a full line of innovative tools, including construction calculators and moisture testing and sensing devices. We’re headquartered right in the beautiful state of North Carolina, where we manage the engineering, design, and marketing of our intuitive and state of the art tools. Our water leak detector helps you avoid extensive water damage to your home or business.

An investment in our Sonin water leak detector is an investment in your home or wherever you put the detector. Imagine returning home from a winter vacation to find your cars entombed in several inches of ice! It can all begin with a plumbing leak near your garage in the winter. If you have a water leak in your plumbing, it can cause your pipes to burst in the winter. If that water sprays over your cars in your garage, you’ve got some major problems.

Did you know that on average, a home will lose 14% of its water to water leaks? Around 22 gallons of water per day are lost to water leaks and the most common of these culprits are leaky toilets and faucets. To put this in perspective, this volume of water is comparable to about 2 full weeks of drinking water for a family of 3! Stop wasting water, stop putting your home at risk, and start your investment with the Sonin water leak detector.