Technology is truly a wonderful thing most of the time. With automated measuring tools, like our Multi-Measure Combo PRO, you are able to achieve more accurate measurement readings in a shorter period of time. And you have the added benefit of measuring across extended distances. That old measuring tape you used in the past wasn’t very easy or accurate over long distances, was it? With a traditional tape measure things are never easy; either there is too much slack, or the tape isn’t long enough, or you pull it tight and the tape comes off of the edge that was holding the end of the tape. Our ultrasonic infrared measuring tool is one of the fastest and most accurate ways to collect those measurements.

Our top selling distance measuring tool has many great features. Here are just a few:

  • 7 memories with easy recall
  • Electronic target with LED to confirm received signal
  • Ability to add and subtract linear measurements, area and volumes
  • An impressive 99.5 accuracy at ¼ inch
  • Ability to measure in feet, inches, fractions, meters, decimal feet and yards

The Multi-Measure Combo offers easy operation, simply point and press the button. The Combo Pro is recommended for both indoor and outdoor use.Measurements can be made up to 60 feet in single mode or a whopping 250 feet in dual mode. It is the ideal tool for any professional or home owner in need of quick, easy measurements. Our measuring tool eliminates the need for ladders, writing instruments, moving furniture and a second person when taking complicated measurements. It is designed to be field calibrated and it even comes in its own protective pouch. Sonin measuring tools will make most any job easier and faster.