Stop for just a moment and think about the number of hours you are away from your home over the course of a week. Let’s break that down for you. You probably spend at least 40 hours a week at work. You spend time commuting to and from work and you spend time at shops, restaurants and at your Aunt’s house for dinner. The point we are trying to make is you spend much of your week away from your home. Now, how about those weekends where you are not home at all, or the vacations you take throughout the year when you are gone for perhaps a week at a time.

You see, you utilize our water alarm to warn of any leaks in your home. But what about the times you are not at home? The last thing you want to do after a long day at work or after a weekend getaway is to come home to a flooded disaster. Water damage is the second most frequently filed homeowners claim. Don’t be a statistic. Take these helpful tips into consideration and you just might save yourself a huge clean-up bill.

Statistics show we are seven times more likely to experience water damage than damage from a fire or burglary. Yet, we seem to spend more time worrying about leaving the stove on and whether or not we locked the back door. When leaving for an extended period of time, check those places that are likely to leak. That is, make sure your dishwasher is drained on turned off, check your washing machine for leaks and make sure none of your toilets are leaking.

In fact, you should also check showers and tubs to ensure no leaks are evident. It would also serve you well to check those hoses and faucets outside your home, just in case.

To protect from flooding while you are at home, count on our water alarm. We also carry our Sonin digital moisture meter and much more.