Sonin water leak detectors help prevent costly water damage which may otherwise go unnoticed. Water damage does not occur only after a hurricane or flood. It can be caused by leaking washing machines, leaking lines under a refrigerator or broken water pipes. Home appliances such as your dishwasher and water heater can leak causing damage to your home or property. The number one cause of a leak at home is usually the result of a broken water line connected to your washing machine.

It only takes a very small amount of water to trigger a Sonin leak detector. There are two small stainless steel sensors under the sensor pad that when both of these come in to contact with water will sound the alarm.

Standing water can cause structural damage resulting in expensive home repairs. Not only can it cause structural damage, water damage can devalue property. Sonin leak detectors can notify occupants of water building up before it becomes a serious problem.

They are inexpensive and simple to use. Sonin water leak detectors are battery operated and the sensor can be easily placed beneath a refrigerator, washer, toilet or drain pipe.. They work in basements as a backup to a sump pump or bilge pump. Sonin leak detectors can be installed near hot water heaters and inside air conditioning unit pans.

A loud 85 decibel alarm is given off when water is detected. Depending on the model, the alarm will sound continuously from 12 hours to three days. When the battery runs low, the alarm will emit a “chirping” sound to notify you that it is time to install a new battery.

The water leak detectors weigh from 3.5-ounces up to five ounces. They operate between 32 F and 122 F. A circuit test bar makes certain that the system is operating.

Sonin water leak detectors can be used in numerous applications without any setup. Just place the sensor pad where you might have a leak and that’s it!

Use the water leak detectors while filling unattended pools, spas or bathtubs. It will attach to any vertical surface that is smooth and when water reaches both metal contacts, the alarm sounds.

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