Water leak detectors are a fantastic idea for individuals and businesses that worry about having their assets destroyed by water damage. There is no location within the U.S that is immune to water damage. Water leaks can occur in an instant and without prior warning. Sonin sells some of the highest quality water leak detectors on the market. Protect your business and your home with the most advanced water detection system from Sonin.

Individuals and companies ask us all the time how we utilize our water leak detectors. It’s simple-the water leak detector can be used anywhere and in any room. Here are some of the most common uses for the water leak detector:

  1. Next to the water heater: The water heater is typically in an out of the way location and leaks can occur without warning. Small leaks can lead to huge problems if not fixed quickly.
  2. Under the sink: Normally people do not look under their sinks carefully enough to notice small moisture deposits. These leaks can lead to rot and costly repairs.
  3. In the basement: Unfortunately many people do not set foot into their basements often enough to notice moisture and leaks on the walls or near windows. Leaks and moisture that are left untouched can lead to huge problems, costly repairs, or structural damage.
  4. Behind the toilet: Small water leaks that occur behind the toilet can turn into a huge problem if the water pipe comes loose or bursts. Often times this can occur without warning and can go unnoticed for days.

A water leak detector from Sonin is the perfect addition to your home or business. Save yourself the hassle of remodeling or costly repairs by finding the problem immediately. Sonin carries a water leak detector that is perfect for every home or business. Browse our entire selection today.