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We have all heard the horror stories of houses that flooded because a small leak was neglected for a long period of time. No one ever thinks that this can happen to them until they come home and they are ankle deep in water. It is important to fix leaks at the first sign of moisture to avoid costly problems down the road. The most cost effective way to detect moisture in your house with water leak detectors from Sonin.

Leaks are more common than anyone would like to talk about. There is no infallible means of transporting water from one location to another. Pipes can rust, corrode, or crack due to many different reasons. Small, almost undetectable leaks are very easy and less costly to fix than water damage due to a burst pipe. The only problem with small leaks is that they are usually in locations that are out of sight. To maintain a home that is leak free is very easy when you purchase water leak detectors from Sonin. These small sensors can be placed in locations that are most likely to leak! With the flat sensors, and the alarm, leaks will never go unnoticed again! For less than $25 a sensor you can ensure that every room of your home will be safe from unnoticed water leaks. $25 is much more affordable than the thousands of dollars that people dish out for renovation services after water leak causes damage to a home.

Stop by Sonin to check out the best water leak detectors on the market. Remember, water damage does not occur strictly due to natural causes; storms, hurricanes, etc. Leaking pipes can occur at any time of the year and in any room. Protect your home, purchase your water leak detectors today!