The rainy season is over, so are your worries about household leaks by rain storms. Well, your water leak woes are not quite over yet. The winter months can be just as risky to the pipes in and around your home. Especially if your home has not been properly waterproofed. Snow melt on the outside of your home can create a leak on the inside. To ease your mind, purchase Sonin water leak detectors to place around your home. When a water leak is detected they emit an 85 decibel alarm for up to three days. Detecting a leak at the earliest stages can help prevent massive water damage and keep expenses down.

When the temperature plummets during the winter months, the water inside pipes can freeze completely. This frozen water will cause the pipe to expand and crack. Once thawed, water will leak from the pipes and into the surrounding areas. This is a problem when homeowners forget to disconnect or insulate their outdoor faucets and pipes.

Basements are usually an overlooked and underutilized area in most homes. The heat radiating from the basement can melt the frozen ground and snow. In doing so, a pocket of moisture builds where the basement meets the ground. When there is a water leak in a basement the consequences can be devastating. These slow leaks can get into the foundation and cause many different problems. The basement would be the perfect location to place a Sonin water leak detector. If a leak is detected call a local professional to further assess the problem.