Sonin moisture meters are invaluable tools when working with different types of lumber and construction materials. Sonin moisture meters measure the moisture levels of items such as firewood, furniture wood and wood flooring. Wood craftsmen, furniture makers, cabinetmakers and woodworkers all find a wood moisture meter an essential tool in woodworking. Excess moisture can make wood difficult to work with and unstable to use in a project. Even do-it-yourself woodworkers are advised to test the moisture of wood, before using it, to ensure top quality.

Sonin also makes moisture meters that are used for a wide variety of other materials such as carpet, drywall, decking, flooring and more. Sonin makes analog and digital moisture meters that measure various ranges of moisture for just about every type of job. Many use these meters to test for moisture before applying a floor over a subfloor or sealing a surface. Using a Sonin moisture meter on drywall before painting will ensure that paint is not being used to seal walls with high moisture content which can lead to the paint failing after it has been applied. This also holds true for applying stain to a new or existing deck. It is recommended that one is used in most building projects.

It is important to read the instructions that come with Sonin moisture meters to ensure the proper usage and how to interpret results. Know what to expect when testing a surface and what the accepted parameters are to ensure accuracy. A wood moisture meter is a tool that will help keep quality levels high on a building project. Sonin’s intuitive moisture meters help trace and locate moisture problems.