The benefits from using a Sonin Digital Moisture Meter are seemingly endless. Industries all across America routinely rely on moisture meters to ensure top job quality. The discovery of moisture can mean the difference between a successful project and a project that will need to be redone. For example, concrete flooring with too much moisture can undermine the entire construction process. Here are a few other benefits of utilizing our Sonin Digital Moisture Meter.

Concrete is our primary building material. With the ability to measure moisture content upon the installation, time and certainly money can be saved. In worst case scenarios, buildings where fountainions are not at properly cured can be left unstable. Since contractors need accurate moisture readings on an everyday occurrence, an accurate and well-built meter is of essence.

Floods are devastating. It is estimated that insurance claims from flooding averages more than 3 billion every year. With such widespread damage, moisture meters have become a necessary tool in restoration work. Much of what is damaged by water is repairable, however it is necessary to measure levels of moisture to make the proper repairs. Restoration specialists have no doubt saved homeowners tons of money by utilizing moisture meters.

Even if you are a do-it-yourself type of person you can benefit from the use of a moisture meter. By checking the moisture level of woods, you can minimize cracking and splitting. After an extensive rainstorm you can check moisture levels in wood beams, flooring and drywall. If the presence of moisture is detected, you can have repairs done before mold sets in.