Winter snowfall should be a concern to all homeowners. We all know that they are days when the temperatures reach above freezing and snow begins to melt. The foundation and basement of your home is not impervious to excess moisture. Small cracks have most likely developed in the foundation of your home over the years. If you are like most Americans, you use your basement infrequently at best. A Sonin moisture leak detector can save you from costly flooding repairs.

Foundation repair companies around the US get thousands of calls during the winter months to repair basement flooding issues. When snow melts it makes its way back into the ground. When the ground is still frozen, the water finds other places to go. The excess water can find it’s way into your home through small or imperceivable cracks in your cement foundation. This is where a Sonin water leak detector can come in handy. These inexpensive and reliable pieces of equipment can alert you to excess moisture in and around your basement.

According to FEMA only a few inches of water can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. With a moisture leak detector you can head off flooding before it becomes a big problem. The leak detectors from Sonin can be placed in any room of your home and left for months. When moisture is detected an alarm will begin to sound. The sensors can even be placed up to 12 feet apart which will expand the area of detection. All leak detectors should be places at the lowest point of the basement floor to sense moisture build up at the earliest stages.

Let Sonin’s water leak detectors save you from costly repairs. Browse the huge selection today!