Sonin LED Moisture Test Tool 50210

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Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 6 in


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The Sonin Moisture Test Tool uses a 4 LED light system to alert users to possible moisture problems. This tool is especially valuable for any homeowner or do-it-yourselfer who is about to paint, wallpaper, stain their deck, or put down carpet or tile. We designed this unit with the DIYers and homeowners in mind, with an accessible retail price.

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A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home from the EPA

Detects Moisture percentages 14-20%.

Check surfaces before painting, wallpapering, or laying floors or tile.

Check decks before staining or sealing.

Locate & trace roof leaks and water seepage and access the extent of wet rot & hidden condensation.

Detect the level of moisture present in wood, sheetrock, carpets & more.

Find out if potentially damaging excess moisture is present.

Test hard or softwood, concrete, plaster, carpet, and more to determine the extent of moisture problems.

It helps to select drier lumber.

Requires one 9V battery (not included)

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 6 in

8 reviews for Sonin LED Moisture Test Tool 50210

  1. Robert Solita

    The Sonin 50210 works as advertised. It’s a good value for occasional users. Yes, it could have a more user friendly design but that’s trumped by good value.

  2. BocaBuyer

    This moisture detector is a great value. Most detectors are much more expensive and larger. Can not speak to longevity of unit as I have had it only for a short time. Purchased it to check out some suspected spots on drywall & it was sensitive enough to confirm or rule out current problems.

  3. T. Jackson

    Bought this not expecting that much but I’ve used it several times most recently in the attic to locate leaks and it worked wonderfully as others have mentioned the design and placement of the on/off switch could be better but it really preforms well and I really don’t notice it anymore. And opposed to what another reviewer stated I found that it will give you an indication for all three levels of wetness. I was thinking about possibly getting a more expense one that will give you a percentage but after using this one I now can’t justify the price. Thinking about maybe getting another one of these as a backup though for the price it’s really unbeatable!

  4. Krs4D

    My basement smelled damp and musty and I couldn’t figure out why. I used the moisture detector in various points in my house and found several damp spots. The probes are strong enough to penetrate solid materials, and the detector itself works fairly consistently. For a general starting point the product works great.

  5. Pa

    Bought to check water leak around bath tub. Still not abel to find where is the source of leak, try all internet suggestion way, no clue. For the tester, really simple to use. Low cost. What else you need ?

  6. Moose Mountain

    Got this because we had an insurance claim from a burst pipe and the company recommended Service Master to demo the wet drywall and insulation and dry out the damaged areas. They did a decent job but ignored a few areas that we thought the insurance co. was trying to weasel out of replacing. I used this in all those areas and took pictures of it lit up to prove there was water in the subfloor and foam insulation. It worked great, did the job, got the rest covered. Very sensitive, as I stuck in an orange and it lit up like a Christmas Tree. Then I thought it was broken because it kept lighting up when I pressed the button. Turned out there was orange juice on the probes that finally dried and it worked fine again.

  7. Joyce Davis

    My Husband is a plumber and he finds this tool very useful in his profession well worth the price. He is very pleased

  8. Eric Aulbach

    Make no mistake, this may be one of the cheapest meters out there but it works great for plaster and masonry. This isn’t for fine woodworking at all. The more expensive meters with digital display have weird percentages that are sometimes cryptic to figure out for the novice. I test 10 or more times each week and find the dumby lights on this model to be all you need to figure out if the plaster and mortor joints are wet. Also the bonus is that the pins never come loose to give a false reading like on the “better” brands.

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