Leaks can occur at any time. No home or business is safe from the potential damage that is associated with slow, missed leaks. As winter comes upon us, there is always the potential for increased water damage due to the cold weather and the rain and snow. Rather than assuming you can catch a potential leak, know for sure with a water leak detector from Sonin.

Many locations in which leaks commonly occur are not within direct line of sight. Sure, if windows are leaking, or there is a water leak under the washing machine, these will not go unnoticed. Pooling of water or condensation on the inside of a home is usually an indication that there is a slow water leak. Now what about the fact that most water leaks occur out of direct line of sight. All of those pipes that are hidden by machines, within the basement, or in crawl spaces are likely “out of sight, out of mind.” These are the locations in which a water leak detector can save a home or business from costly repairs associated with ongoing water damage.

As the winter approaches, it is a smart idea to take a look around the exterior of a home. Identifying potential water entry points is imperative. Next, take a look on the inside of a home. Place water leak detectors around water pipes, especially the ones that are hidden. You may also want to place water leak detectors elsewhere in the house (like the basement) in case there is a leak in a window or foundation. The blaring alarm will immediately notify you when a leak is detected so that it can be dealt with in a timely manner.

Taking back your peace of mind is key. Visit Sonin to take a look at our most popular water leak detector models.