Woodworkers should be using moisture meters on a daily basis. Knowing the exact water content of raw materials is the most important aspect of ensuring a quality project. When the water content of wood is too high or too low, the structural integrity of a project may be jeopardized. Skilled woodworkers and carpenters can account for movement of wood when proper water content is known. With the use of moisture meters from Sonin all of the guess work is taken out of a building project.

Wood that has too high of a water content can swell and then warp. Any quality woodworker or carpenter understands that high water contents cause problems. Warped wood loses structural integrity. Wood may also begin to rot if the moisture level is too high. When wet wood dries out, it may shrink creating a whole new set of problems. All of these problems can lead to incredibly costly repairs down the road.

Low water content can be just as bad as too much water. Low water content in wood can cause it to become brittle. Brittle wood will eventually lead to cracks and splits. When the water content is too low, the wood may begin to swell when introduced to humidity.

Sonin moisture meters can help at every level of a job. Use a Sonin moisture meter to detect water content in raw materials, before shipping, at the job site, after building, and years down the road. For woodworking professionals, a moisture meter is an invaluable tool. Utilizing your moisture meter will decrease the likelihood of starting a project with wood that has too little, or too much moisture. Visit Sonin to purchase your own high quality moisture meter, today!