Homeowners, were you aware that your GFI outlets have one glaring flaw? After a relatively short period of time (around 10 years) the circuitry begins to degrade. Eventually, your “safe” GFI outlets are essentially useless. You may not even be aware that these outlets have begun their downward spiral when you didn’t know that they had a shelf life. The only way to be sure that GFI outlets are working properly is to use a GFCI digital testing meter from Sonin!

A GFCI digital testing meter from Sonin is a handheld device that is the perfect addition to your home electrical testing arsenal. This device is easily plugged into any GFI outlet that you would like to test. This device was developed to be easy to use with a simple readout. The GFCI digital testing meter from Sonin will trip the GFI switch to ensure that the outlet is fully operational or on it’s way to failure. When you put off testing of a GFI outlet this outlet will no longer have the ability to shut off electrical current in case of a problem. GFI outlets are installed to ensure that people are not killed in the case of an electrical mishap.

It is time to ensure the safety of everyone living in a home by testing GFI outlets with the GFCI digital testing meter from Sonin. With just a simple test all homeowners will know when an outlet needs to be replaced to decrease the likelihood of a future problem. Order yours today and receive free shipping!