There is little doubt that you have heard the saying “April showers bring May flowers.” Well, for all intents and purposes this can be correct when talking about the outdoors. Now what happens to your home during those torrential downpours? Is your home 100% safe from leaks and flooding? Sonin offers the most impressive moisture leak detector that can help detect small leaks before they become huge problems.

This Spring, take control of your home and nip leaks in the bud before any real damage can occur. Spring rains, while necessary for plants and animals, wreak havoc on some homes. Over time many homes develop cracks or weak spots in their foundation or walls that the Spring rains can exacerbate. Small cracks can become a huge problem when water is involved. Often times these crack rear their ugly heads in locations that are not commonly visited such as the basement. With a moisture leak detector from Sonin, you will be immediately alerted if a small leak is detected.

Water damage is something that no homeowner wants to deal with. Water damage can become very costly and many of the fixes take months to fully complete. It’s much better to take care of a small leak than a large one. Large leaks can also lead to flooding which will ruin anything that is stored within the immediate area. The best way to protect your home is to purchase a Sonin moisture leak detector before the rains get out of control. These small alarms come with amazing weighted flat sensors that give better contact to surfaces. These leak detectors are perfect for under the sink, in the basement, or behind bathroom toilets. Catch leaks as soon as they begin!